Minh Phuong Le

Advanced Diploma

Minh Phuong Le is an Artist who is based in Hanoi Capitol, Vietnam. Minh comes from a traditional Confucianism family that genuinely love Art in general and the Art of literature in particular. Thus, Minh got involved to the world of Art ever since she was young due to her mother is additionally has an external passion for Art. Yet Minh is still continuing on the path in finding her own definition of the Art world by studying abroad in Canada. Currently, she is attending her senior year in the Visual and Creative Arts program in Sheridan College. Throughout her years of learning and enquiring in the program, she finally decided to aim for illustration. As the Vietnamese blood is running through her veins, most of her artworks are speaking about her hometown. Minh's works illustrates the stories and the culture, the beauty of Vietnam by its simplicity and natural of the people, the sceneries as well as the magnanimous history through every metre of her works.