Khusro Shafi

Advanced Diploma

Khusro Shafi​'s art means a feeling of relaxation and no pressure. Instead, you can have fun with his work. Khusro wants his art to suggest hope; that his imaginative stories may come alive, make people relax and show his viewers that everything is going to be okay. This is what the artist means by hope and relaxation. The materials used are mixed media and non-traditional materials such as spices and food. He also uses cardboard, cardboard boxes and canvases. In each case, the recycled materials' history is woven into the meaning of the work. His inspirations are movies, stories, and computers games. Following graduation from Sheridan College, Khusro intends to continue exploring these materials and concepts, both independently and within additional studio classes. The artist's ambition is to sell this work online, as well as create gallery installations.