Cora Paiero

Advanced Diploma

Cora Paiero is an Indigenous, neurodivergent, award winning artist who explores her psychological and cultural identity within her work. During her time as an art student at Sheridan College in the Visual and Creative Arts program, Cora has been refining her technical skills while developing her view of creativity as a form of language and communication. She is a generational survivor and through her work, strives to depict the trauma she faces both intergenerationally and personally. She had the opportunity to explore work related to Indigenous issues in 2018 while working as the studio assistant on the creation of the music video Little Star by Iskwē, which won the 2020 Juno Award for music video of the year. As a neurodivergent artist, Cora communicates her challenges with ADHD and mental illness, finding visual representation a powerful tool; she believes images convey what words cannot. She finds she can use her challenges to her advantage within her art to confront the limiting views society has on those with learning disabilities. In addition to her personal practice and academic work, Cora instructs art workshops to children and families at 4Cats Arts Studio and Visual Arts Mississauga. She will go on to attend OCAD University in September for Drawing and Painting.