Romeo Dasig

Advanced Diploma

Romeo Dasig is a digital animator and illustrator based in Brampton, Ontario and comes from a Filipino background. He often uses his artistic ability to find ways to implement comedy into his visual arts and animations. He explores themes of having fun in a world that can be too serious and putting joy into the art world. He also explores more storytelling in a less comedic format as he has experimented with the theme of storytelling in some of his other works, following the themes of his own self-reflection and moments that he wants to preserve in his shorts and illustrations. He uses animation and illustration as a tool to control to make silly and humorous shorts and drawings, he does use art as a vent/coping tool. Romeo has locally in 2 exhibitions here in Ontario. He recently got into Sheridan College for the Bachelor of Animation program, uploading his work on social media accounts, and finishing his third year at Sheridan College for Visual and Creative Arts. Romeo is also developing an adult comedy animated show.